Energy-efficient Tankless Water Heater Solutions

New Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heaters


Introducing Energy-saving Innovation

in Water Heating Technology


   With the new tankless water heater our commercial, multi-family, hospitality customers are witnessing new innovations in:

Gas consumption reduction

On demand hot water

Increase in space freed up

Smart remote maintenance

Fail safe load-distributing cascade set up


    The Navien NPE-A and NPE-S series tankless water heaters occupy a much smaller area than conventional water heaters. In addition, installation and operating costs for the Navien units are lower than those of other conventional water heaters.  The Navien tankless water heaters boast low exhaust gas temperatures, which allow the use of PVC, CPVC, System 636, and polypropylene vent systems, saving both time and money. A negative pressure gas valve and a dual venturi system allows for easy field convertibility from NG to LP operation. The Navien systems contain dual stainless steel heat exchangers, which are more durable and corrosion-resistant than copper. A half-inch gas pipe capability up to 24 feet cuts installation time.

The Navien Ready-Link manifold system allows for easy, same-day installation. A user-friendly system diagnostics interface as well as the NaviLink Wi-Fi remote control system keeps maintenance simple.

      California is at the forefront of energy and natural resources savings in the nation, and at American Power Solutions, we are right behind this initiative keeping in step in every sphere.  Not only are we in full support, we bring innovation.  Water heater is the latest aspect of savings that we have seen in great demand.   Replacing existing water heater boiler and hundred plus gallon tanks with the same bulky set up is yesterday's upgrade.

Today, tankless smart water water heating system is the latest for facility managers that look for similar small foot-prints and smart maintenance technology which are among just a few of many intelligent design and functional features.

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Old water heater with storage tank need to be heated continuously 


Envision a clean installation, set up and maintenance like this:

Case Study

      In the most recent DHW (Domestic Hot Water) upgrade in one of Shea Properties' multi-family facility two months of pre and post-installation comparison from 2019 to 2020, Woodbridge has seen an increase in their savings by 21.55% which will equate to an expected savings of $16,925.35 by the end of 2020.  Overcoming limitations of traditional tank-reliant water heating system technology the new tankless smart water heating system had presented another success in our quest to saving energy and natural resources.



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