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Richard Stewart, Green Team Project Manager

Trinity Property Consultants


“The comprehensive solutions that APS brings to our unique project needs are fantastic.
Whatever our payback timeline, we can count on APS to have the custom solutions we need.
We have properties across the United States and of all the companies and vendors we've
worked with, APS is the ONE that can consistently go to any property, site, or state and do the
entire project on time, and whatever the localized needs happen to be.
American Power Solutions provides a streamlined, turn-key service that makes it easy for us to
work with them again and again. We authorize the project and trust APS to execute: from the
site audit, to the install, to managing utility company interactions. The hardest part of energy efficiency is getting

the installation done smoothly, and I never have to worry about results working with APS. If there's ever a problem, or whenever I need anything, they just take care of it. They even provide photos of their installations, allowing me the opportunity to brag about the upgrades in our quarterly newsletter. It's important for us to use smart technology, and be as absolutely efficient as we can be, in large part because we pay for tenant's utility bills at some of our properties. It's imperative we have partners we can rely on, like American Power Solutions, who are able to help us cut our costs and optimize our investment, all the while keeping our efforts to a minimum.”

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