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Frequently Asked Questions

• TLEDs and LED PL Lamps
• Emergency Batteries and Emergency Backup
• Dimming
• Controls
• Lighting Curfew
• Re-lamp, Retrofit, or Replace
• Garages
• Stairwells


Tankless Water Heater
Anchor 1
• Benefits of upgrading to a tankless water heater
• Lifespan of a Navien 240S
• General cost
• Energy saved from upgrading to a tankless water heaters
• Facility types suitable for tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heater System

Solar PanelSystem
• Key components of a solar panel system
• Solar panel system benefits
• Factors to consider when installing a solar panel system
• The different types of solar panels
• Energy generated by solar panel system
• Lifespan of a solar panel system
• Maintenance of a solar panel system
• SunPower solar panel system
• What is a solar panel Inverter?
• Solar panel inverter types
• Solar panel inverter lifespan
• Solar panel inverter efficiency
• Maintenance of solar panel inverter
• Installation process

Solar Panel System

EV charger
What is an EV charger?
• Commercial and multifamily property facility managers consider installing EV chargers
Types of EV chargers
Factors should be considered before installing EV chargers
Incentives or rebates available for EV charger installations
Handle the cost of electricity for EV charging
Ensure the proper maintenance and management of EV chargers
Promote their EV charger offerings to tenants or customers




• Electrification in brief
• Reasons why we should consider electrifying our multi-family property
• Benefits of electrification for tenants and property owners
• Candidate appliances and systems for electrifcation
• Electrification and gas emissions
• Electrification incentives
• Long run cost savings
• Effects on energy bills
• Consulting for electrification
• Electrical load capacity assessments for electrification
• California building code regarding electrification
• Successful project in California
​Lighting Control
• What is Title 24 in California?
• Why are lighting control requirements important for commercial property owners?
• What are the key lighting control requirements for commercial properties under Title 24 in California?Anchor 3
• What are automatic shut-off controls?
• What are occupancy sensors?
• What is daylight harvesting?
• What is demand response?
• What are high-efficacy lighting requirements?
• Are there any exemptions or exceptions to the lighting control requirements?
• Are there any penalties for non-compliance with Title 24 lighting control requirements?
• How can commercial property owners ensure compliance with Title 24 lighting control requirements?
• Where can I find more information about Title 24 lighting control requirements?
• What are daylight harvesting requirements under Title 24 in California?
• Which areas of a commercial property are subject to daylight harvesting requirements?
• How does daylight harvesting work?
• What are the benefits of implementing daylight harvesting?
• What are the specific requirements for daylight harvesting systems?
• Are there any exceptions or exemptions to daylight harvesting requirements?
• Are there any recommended guidelines for implementing daylight harvesting systems?
• How can commercial property owners demonstrate compliance with daylight harvesting requirements?
• What resources are available for further information on daylight harvesting requirements?

Lighting Control

Heat Pump Water Heater
• What is a Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH), and how does it work in simple terms?
• How can I maintain and service a HPWH to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency?
• What are the common issues or problems associated with HPWH systems, and how can I troubleshoot them?
• What is the expected lifespan of a HPWH, and when should it be replaced or upgraded?
• How can I calculate the energy savings and payback period when using a HPWH in a commercial building?
• What are the installation requirements for a HPWH, and what factors should I consider when choosing a location for it?
• Are there any safety considerations or precautions when working with HPWH systems?
• Can a HPWH be integrated with existing HVAC systems in our building for improved energy efficiency?
• What is the benefit of using a Heat Pump Water Heater in our building, and how can it reduce operating costs?
• Are there any rebates or incentives available for installing HPWH systems in commercial buildings?
• How does a HPWH contribute to our building's sustainability and environmental efforts?
• What is the estimated payback period for investing in a HPWH, and how much energy cost savings can we expect?
• What maintenance and service requirements are involved in owning a HPWH, and how can we ensure its long-term performance?
• How does a HPWH compare to traditional water heating systems in terms of reliability and lifespan?
• Are there any potential disruptions during the installation of a HPWH, and how long does the installation process typically take?
• Can a HPWH be integrated into our existing building management systems for more efficient control and monitoring?
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