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Shea Properties - Woodbridge Apartments

Navien NPE Installation


       “In the most recent DHW (Domestic Hot Water) upgrade in one of Shea Properties' multi-family facility two months of pre and post-installation comparison from 2019 to 2020, Woodbridge has seen an increase in their savings by 21.55% which will equate to an expected savings of $16,925.35 by the end of 2020.  Overcoming limitations of traditional tank-reliant water heating system technology the new tankless smart water heating system had presented another success in our quest to saving energy and natural resources.


Property Information

50 Eastshore, Irvine, CA 92604
392 Units
8 Boiler Locations
Average dwelling units per boiler: 49 units

Scope of Work

The primary scope of work was to replace 2002 Raypak boilers attached to indirect storage tanks to new Navien tankless water heaters.

Pre-existing DHW site consisted of: 1. An average of 49 Units (ranging from studio-3x2) 2. (1) 500,000 BTU Raypak Boiler 3. (1) 175-Gallon storage tank

1. DHW System Before Renovation


Hi-Delta Raypak boiler with Thermal Efficiency of 84%

Limitations of Raypak Boilers

  • The difficulty faced with this current set up is that there are very few counter-measures for minimizing the loss of therms.

  • There is risk of malfunction and general wear and tear. If this one heater is out of service, then all parties relying on this machine will not be serviced hot water any time soon.

  • If there is a leak in the storage tank it not only can cause potential property damage but the loss of heated water is also the loss of therms used.

2. DHW System After Renovations


Navien NPE240-S Tankless Water Heaters Energy Factor of 97% Efficiency

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

  • Our method to compensate for a 500,000 BTU Boiler with tankless water heaters is to cascade multiple tankless water heater units together to perform as one system.

  • The Cascaded system leaves no room for error for the end-user’s down time. Meaning, if one system were to malfunction the other units will take the load of heating the demand of water and operation will not cease.

  • Since the storage tank has been removed the potential for water leakage, water damage, and loss of heated water is now not a concern.

3. Supplementary Additions


1.    Anti-Scaling Water Filtration System
2.    AquaStat Thermostatic Switch

Quality Control and User Experience

  • In addition to tankless water heaters we have installed a water filtration system to combat against Southern California’s natural hard water. The Anti-Scaling filter prevents build up and/or pass through of calcium sediment and etc.

  • The Anti-Scaling filter not only treats the hot water serving resident homes, but also supplies a better quality of water running through the DHW pipelines.

  • An AquaStat Thermostatic Switch has also been installed to regulate the temperature of servicing hot water so that a minimum heat threshold of hot water will always be ready-to-use.

4. Conclusion and Projection


When comparing two months from 2019 to 2020, Woodbridge
has seen an increase in their savings by 21.55% which will equate
to an expected savings of $16,925.35 by the end of 2020.

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