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Parking Garages - Advanced Smart Controls

Cost Effective Wireless Control Grouping

        Smart lighting controls with grouping are the newest innovation to capture energy savings on your lighting system. Parking garages are an ideal environment to use this advanced technology. By retrofitting your parking garage to LED, you can reduce the lighting power demand by 50% or more depending on your existing lighting system. By adding a smart control system those savings can increase to 80% or higher!


      Not all lighting control systems are created equal though. Instead of individual light fixtures coming to full power as you walk or drive through a garage, leaving dark or dim areas ahead and behind you, imagine a control system that adjusted light levels in an entire group of fixtures based on daylight exposure and occupancy. Now imagine that system required no additional wiring and no expensive energy management system or software to run.

Video starts with a gradual dim to 30%, at 0:15 sec, 100% full brightness on motion detection.

Controls and LED Lighting

      APS has worked with its engineering partners to develop smart lighting controls that can be installed on individual fixtures, but grouped together using a wireless mesh. The result is a garage where entire zones of light fixtures will react to motion detected on any one of the sensors in the group.


      As long as there is motion detected by any sensor in the group, all the fixtures in that grouping will remain on maximum power. Once no motion has been detected for the duration of the delay time, all of the fixtures will begin to dim to the minimum power setting. When motion is detected by any sensor in the group, all the fixtures instantly return to full power.

      This system communicates wirelessly, there are no additional costs for running conduit and additional wiring, and it can be commissioned and adjusted using a mobile app.

Customized Settings


  • Delay time - how long to wait until dimming

  • Dimming speed - how slowly the fixtures dim

  • Minimum power - how low to dim

  • Maximum power - “full” power

  • Photocell - capture more savings in areas with daylight exposure

Safety at Night
      Particularly at night, garage lighting can be a sensitive issue. Property owners and managers want to utilize motion controls in order to capture additional savings. Often, however, they are faced with complaints that the occupancy sensors create dark areas or that the garage seems “dark” now that the retrofit has been completed. Sensor grouping can avoid these complaints about darkness and safety while providing additional energy savings.

Why Grouping?

  •  Increased safety

  • Added security

  • Improved visibility

  • Customize to fit your needs

      Other advanced lighting controls require elaborate energy management systems, dedicated cellular or WIFI networks, or extensive rewiring. APS can provide energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and improve the safety and security of your garage at a fraction of the cost.

Contact us today for more information and to schedule a no cost, no obligation audit of your facility.

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