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Water Saving Measures

Unmanaged water use can quickly become costly. It is not only bad for your bottom line, but it is also harmful for the environment. Water is a valuable resource, and the more pure water that is wasted, the more costly it gets for you and everyone else. Knowing and adopting these amazing water conservation methods will help you save money right away.

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Looking for a powerful water saving toilet? The first and only Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilet is here!

Because of our patented hydraulic technology, the Original Niagara toilet featuring Stealth Technology uses only 0.8 gallons per flush – half of what federal regulations require. Reducing the flush to under a gallon, the strong syphonic action makes this the world’s best high efficiency toilet on the market.

Shower head

Niagara's Earth® Luxe showerhead features an adjustable 9-jet turbo massage that easily rotates from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet. With a non-aerated stream, the showerhead experiences less temperature loss, translating to maximum energy savings. Pressure-compensated technology guarantees a consistent flow rate across a wide range of pressure, ensuring end-user satisfaction. 

The 30% larger face diameter and new, transitional look of the Earth® Luxe complements many styles of décor.

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Faucet aerator

Niagara Conservation Tamper-Proof Faucet Aerators produce forceful streams at a reduced flow rate that minimize the amount of energy needed to heat water. Pressure compensating technology guarantees a consistent flow rate across a wide range of available pressure rates. 

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