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Property in Palm Springs, CA installs fully-integrated heat pump water heater that runs on environmentally safe R-134a refrigerant

Experience a New Era of Energy Excellence with Our Heat Pump Units

In the dynamic world of hospitality and multi-family facility management, efficiency is paramount. Our recent installation of three cutting-edge heat pump units is not just a technological upgrade; it's a leap towards sustainable, cost-effective, and high-performance energy solutions.

Newly installed heat pumps:


Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly Marvels:

  • Harnessing the power of innovation, our heat pumps go beyond conventional systems by transferring heat from the surrounding area into the tank, achieving an industry-leading COP of 4.2.

  • With multiple operating modes, these units adapt to specific hot water needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and substantial cost savings for end users.

  • Environmentally conscious and ENERGY STAR® Qualified, our units meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and ASHRAE 118.1, utilizing an ecofriendly R-134a refrigerant.

Commercial Performance Unleashed:

  • Imagine a first-hour delivery of 150 gallons and a rated heat pump power of 3.15 HP (240Vac) or 3.05 HP (208Vac). These units redefine commercial performance standards.

  • Operating within a versatile temperature range, with low sound emissions and dual evaporator fans for superior efficiency, our heat pumps provide a seamless blend of power and tranquility.

  • The 3/4” NPT water inlet and outlet facilitate easy integration into existing infrastructures, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

Ease of Operation and Dependable Design:

  • Installation is a breeze with the integrated design and pre-charged refrigeration system, allowing you to experience the benefits of these units quickly.

  • The large touch screen LCD display adds a touch of modern convenience, enabling easy mode selection, providing essential run information, and offering troubleshooting alerts.

  • Choose from three operating modes – Efficiency, Hybrid, or Electric – tailored to meet your facility's unique requirements.

Dependable and Long-Lasting Design:

  • Engineered for longevity, our units feature an A. O. Smith-developed glass-coated tank with a 160 PSI working pressure, backed by a commercial-grade anode that protects the tank and extends service life.

  • Proven heat pump technology ensures reliability, while electric elements with incoloy sheathing provide excellent protection from oxidation and scaling.

Peace of Mind with Warranty:

  • Backed by a three-year limited tank warranty and a one-year parts/compressor limited warranty, our units come with a commitment to quality and durability.

Old water heaters:

Embark on a journey of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability with our heat pump units. Elevate your facility's performance and join the future of energy excellence.


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