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Largest all-electric multi-family retrofit project of its kind in California

Yesterday, American Power Solutions was invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the largest electrification project in California (so far!), with SMUD, the city of Sacramento and Bright Power.

This project is a perfect example of what can happen when you bring all the right people to the table and create a strong public-private partnership. The two-year project created massive energy savings, updated the infrastructure on the property to conserve water and halt green house gas emissions, and all while improving the day to day experience of the residents.

We are so proud that we were a part of the development and implementation of this project, on a property where majority low income families reside, and that SMUD and all involved made available to them some of the best technology and incentives out there for electrification and energy efficiency upgrades.

Here are installation projects APS took on:

- Converted a single centralized domestic hot water system serving 260 apartments to new heat pump systems for each of 21 buildings

- Installation of isolation valves for each building, allowing for easier maintenance in the future.

- LED lighting upgrade in all common areas, improving efficiency and safety.

- Water saving measures for bathrooms and kitchen in each unit

More on SMUD's Linkedin post


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